ZEUTEC History



Since 1997, ZEUTEC is developing optoelectronic measurement systems. At the beginning special emphasis was given to the distribution of miniature spectrophotometers, spectroscopy components and spectral imaging systems. This was followed by first in house developments of fiberoptic coupled probes, flow cells, light sources and chemometric software packages.

In 2003, the first industrial online image analysis system for the determination of contamination in powder streams was developed and installed. During the following years ZEUTEC supplied customized spectral imaging systems to a broad range of German and European research institutes and a large number of industrial customers.

Today ZEUTEC provides its customers with a wide range of products for near – infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. In addition to flow cells, light sources and software packages the ” SpectraAlyzer ” spectrometers are manufactured in ever greater numbers and supplied to major customers worldwide. The SpectraAlyzer is widely used in routine analysis of the food and chemical industry as well as in research stations and universities institutions worldwide.

The devices have a high benefit to the commercial and industrial customers. Through the precise determination of the composition of the traded or produced product, a direct conclusion on the quality and cost of traded, used raw materials and the efficiency of production is possible. Using the data from the analyzers yield and efficiency of the production process and thus the income of the client company can be optimized. The fast and accurate analysis of the properties of the product produced also serves the quality control and assurance. In agricultural trade suppliers are paid depending on the quality of raw materials which is determined with the SpectraAlyzer devices.

The parts and assemblies for our devices are developed by highly skilled employees and manufactured by ZEUTEC staff. Assembling, testing and application engineering is done by ZEUTEC. A variety of accessories and our own software completes the SpectraAlyzer product range. Complex services such as application support, software customization, service and spare parts sales also contribute to the company success.

Especially new spectroscopy and detector technologies open up innovative applications. Today ZEUTEC has a big customer base of companies from the agricultural and food industry as well as well known research institutes like Fraunhofer Institutes, Max-Planck-Institutes and University Institutes all over Europe. We offer the best solution to the measurement problems of our customers. In order to deliver a streamlined and perfectly engineered measurement system, ZEUTEC provides the necessary application, installation, calibration and training services. This holistic concept ensures the continuing successful operation of our measurement systems.

In 2006 the SpectraAlyzer and its extensive accessories were awarded the Schmidt-Römhild technology award of Schleswig-Holstein. Its sensitive optics, versatility and simple to operate user interface convinced the judging panel.