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The ZEUTEC Opto-Elektronik GmbH was primarily founded with the objective to develop and produce specialized spectrometer systems for scientific applications. Since then the product range of spectrometers and accessories covers NearInfrared analyzers for routine laboratory applications with a multitude of accessories for the sample conditioning and presentation. Dedicated analytical solutions are available for agricultural and industrial applications which are sold in the industrial market all over the world.

Worldwide representatives, together with our own sales department and technical support, assure that ZEUTEC keeps in touch with our customers and their needs. In addition, this allows for quick professional service of the equipment in routine operation.

The wide range of specialized analytical systems is the result of technical challenge and product specific know-how. A design according to advanced techniques, a high standard of production and strict quality control guarantee a durable and reliable operation of our instruments and accessories. Our own developments in conjunction with an excellent contact to leading manufacturers of optical components and sensors ensure state-of-the-art spectrometer technology.Our spectroscopy products are solely produced with components from leading global suppliers. Combining quality-conscious manufacturing and permanent quality assurance we produce analysers that can be used virtually maintenance free for years. Apart from continuous quality control of their products our customers also generate added value by saving on raw materials, energy and labour.

Since 2000 ZEUTEC is based in Rendsburg at the Kiel Canal, the most utilised artificial water way worldwide connecting North Sea and Baltic Sea . Here in the northern county Schleswig-Holstein which is well known for its excellent support and conditions for high technology companies (medical, optical, renewable energy) we share the benefits of simple access to high performance products and services in the surrounding area.

Rendsburg itself is a very old town, established in 1150 in the center of Schleswig-Holstein being a traditional trading post for goods to and from Scandinavia. Right in the middle of the most northern county of Germany the marschland and forest in conjunction with two seas – the North Sea and the Baltic Sea with their numerous islands – can be enjoyed.